Friday, September 28, 2007

some other news...

Well, if I needed anything today it was some good news...and we got some. My husband, Andrew, was offered the position of Director of Planning for Stanford Hospital and Clinics this afternoon. He has, of course, accepted.

It is a very big job so we may be seeing a little less of him, but I am extremely proud of him.

Are you tuning in????

Some things might be happening over at our adoption blog. Stay tuned!

How we met...

I met Jana in September 1996, one week after I was engaged to my husband. **We were engaged our junior year and married for our senior year. We fell under the 'better to marry then to burn with passion' category** Jana and I were in a printmaking class together, intaglio, I think?? The great thing about being an art major is that you get to sit around and talk for hours while working on your pieces. By the time of my wedding the next May, which Jana attended, I felt that it was weird that she wasn't a bridesmaid! In 1998, Jana and I traveled to New York City together to visit a friend who was doing grad work. That was such a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!

When my DH and I moved to Iowa, Jana visited us. When we moved to Houston, Jana visited us. I have always been blessed by her loyalty to our friendship even when miles separate us.

Then there is Rox. Rox is so special to me, because she was a friend of my sister-in-law. Rox and I were probably more acquaintances, then friends at Baylor. I knew she was close with Jana, but we only had one class together. I believe Rox and Adrienne really got to know each other in a photography class. Many of Adrienne's first portraits are of Rox. When Adrienne died Rox sang at her funeral. Her grief was beautiful and comforting to me. Then I really didn't see her again until Jana's wedding, where I believe, our friendship really began. We were celebrating Jana and remembering Adrienne, which made for a sweet, sweet weekend.

One year later, Rox and Jana traveled to California to visit me where I took them on a beautiful and nauseating drive up Hwy 1 to Point Reyes. We have emailed, made calls and blogged in between trips to visit each other in California and Boston.

From my perspective to know the three of us, is really to know about the fourth. Rox and Jana have their own sweet friendship and history, which I am so, so thankful they have invited me in to.

I love these women.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The true story of the sweetpeas.

Fun story: Yesterday as I headed up north toward my evening job, I stopped at a mall I never go into, just to blow off some steam by walking around and people-watching. And, yeah, okay, I was also looking at baby clothes. Are you HAPPY? Anyway, lo and behold, as soon as I walk through the door, I find myself almost literally running into Lindsay! It was fun see an old friend unexpectedly---that doesn't usually happen to friends who live on opposite ends of the metroplex....ANYWAY...... Lindsay said she'd like for us to post on how we met, and how we all ended up so evenly sprinkled across the nation. But I don't have the energy, ya'll; the ragweed is finally getting to me and I am nearly ill with allergies. Ugh. So, who'd like to start telling the story? It goes round and round and's a circle of love, really. :) G'nite.


Ok...I admit it. I've been looking at baby products. A lot. I learned that when we receive a match to a baby we can send her a few care packages. Things people like to send are blankets, stuffed animals etc. I want to send her a really soft, cuddly blanket. What should I send?? I would prefer it to be under $75.

Monday, September 24, 2007


My sweet grandparents celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary last week. They are both still very healthy and active in their church and community.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Blog

Hey ya'll, please check out ASK MISS MOMMY. This is a new blog by Sam's occupational therapist. She is very hip and cute and I am sure is up on all the latest and greatest baby products out there. **Unlike me** The added bonus is as an OT she views the products with a child's development in mind.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Published Photos

I have a couple of photos in this month's (October) Writer's Digest magazine. The photos are of author James Boice. If you look at the small type in the fold of the page you'll see my little name. =) I also have a Writer's Digest cover coming out in December. That'll be kinda cool...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still Made in the U.S.A.

I heard about this website on npr:

Considering all the lead toy recalls, it seems like a good resource and a great way to find unique and somewhat local products. =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 week countdown

I'm 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Just to compare I've put up a 21 week photo, too. I'm feeling pretty great--just moving a bit slower these days. No more weddings to shoot and only 4 more portrait shoots until I'm finished with work in early October. I've been in a crazy nesting phase lately--sewing and shopping and reorganizing everything. I'm having baby shower #2 on Saturday with my Boston girlfriends and I'm really looking forward to it. =)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Kiwi Surprise

Today, I went out to check the mail and a package was sticking out of the mailbox. I quickly read 'New Zealand' on the envelope and I KNEW what SHE had done. I squealed, yes, I'm pretty sure I squealed and clapped my hands like a hungry baby seeing her mommy walk toward her with food. I'm sure my boys exchanged glances and thought "yep, she's cracked."

I was sooo excited because inside the package was this bag!!! I had recently admired it on Kate's blog and today it appeared in my mailbox. It's blogging MAGIC!!!!

Thanks Kate!!!!!!!!!! You made my day!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

bebe quilt

while i was in texas my mom helped me make my first quilt. i was excited to get it back with our lost luggage. you'll have to excuse mr. monkey and mr. elephant. they insisted on being in the photo.

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