Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 week countdown

I'm 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Just to compare I've put up a 21 week photo, too. I'm feeling pretty great--just moving a bit slower these days. No more weddings to shoot and only 4 more portrait shoots until I'm finished with work in early October. I've been in a crazy nesting phase lately--sewing and shopping and reorganizing everything. I'm having baby shower #2 on Saturday with my Boston girlfriends and I'm really looking forward to it. =)

So wonderful!
so beautiful!
simply should stick a 'Mexican Beauty' sticker on that sweet belly. : )
stephen calls me his pregger beauty.
I can't wait to meet the little guy. Can't believe it's ten weeks out!!! sheesh.
thanks, y'all. you're so sweet.

really, he could be born anywhere from 7-10 weeks from now. 7 weeks! time to pack my hospital bag!
WG - I packed my hospital bag after my water broke. It can be done! I even started a load of laundry so DH could bring me some of the things in it the next day. I had just made a list of things to pack just that morning (11 days early).
i'm a hyper-planner. i don't think i can wait to pack my bag until my water breaks. that would stress me out.

nice to know that it can be done, tho. just in case i don't pack it in time. =)
Can you imagine having your baby 6 days ago (30w 4d)? Thats when the boys were born. You look GREAT!!! I can't wait to see pics.
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