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Ok...I admit it. I've been looking at baby products. A lot. I learned that when we receive a match to a baby we can send her a few care packages. Things people like to send are blankets, stuffed animals etc. I want to send her a really soft, cuddly blanket. What should I send?? I would prefer it to be under $75.

one of those minky blankets--sminky? minky? I can't remember what they're called, but they are SO soft....
ok, it's "minky"--and there are some cute minky blankets on etsy! i just looked.
i agree with finding a cuddly blankie on etsy. it wouldn't need to be a huge bed-sized blanket. just a soft blankie she can hold on to and carry around with her.
This might be strange, but maybe you and your husband could sleep with it/wear it for a few days before sending it, so that your scent will be familiar.

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One thing you can check out is It can take a bit of work to find the right page, but they have an option where you can custom select fabrics for a small silky/minky blanket. My children each have two (so if one has to be washed or gets temporarily lost, there is another one to be had).

I selected fuschia minky and purple silky material for Honor's silky blankets. Aidan has a "Silky" that I bought from it is made by "cherish and joy" and is blue silky material on one side and zebra stripes on the other. When Honor was born, he regressed a bit and now takes his silky with him everywhere in case he needs it for comfort. They both have the small versions or travel-sized versions and those cost somewhere around $25 I think? You can buy larger ones made by Cherish and Joy or by Lillamonsters, but the small/travel ones are easy for the child to carry or cuddle up to in bed without getting tangled.

Hope this was helpful!
Minky/minkee blanket, for sure! With some sort of satin binding or patches or one side satin... satin/minkee is so nice. (I've seen it spelled "minkee" most, search for both!)

I like Rebekah's idea of sleeping with it and Kellsey's idea of having two. I always wished I had done the two thing, in case they became attached to a blanket, but neither of my girls ever were. They still love to use and play with their baby blankets, though!
Wow-you have all been busy...Actually, I was planning on sleeping with it for awhile! : )
Okay, I know that Minkee stuff is AWESOME! I love it myself, however, I just wanted to throw one more option out there:

It's the "my best blankie" from Pottery Barn Kids. It is short chamois on one side and longer chamois on the other and has a silk trim around the edges. Don't be intimidated by the silk. I have thrown ours into the washer after it has been covered in vomit and it came out just like new (I just washed and dried it with everything else).

It is larger than the travel or mini silky that I recommended before, but it would be more of a blanket and less of a "lovie". The short chamois is luxuriously soft and cuddly and stays that way wash after wash. The long side starts luxuriously soft and doesn't stay quite as soft as the other, but it is still worth it.

I would never have discovered this blanket except that after we found out that our first ultrasound was wrong and that our baby was a boy and not a girl, I got to return all the bedding and other things that my parents had bought us as gifts. The bedding I got for our son cost a lot less and I had lots of credit leftover. So, I bought a couple of different kinds of their blankets. This one was my favorite and once he was a year old and it was coming into the cool season, we started putting this blanket into the crib with him to keep him warm at night. he LOVED it. He was quite sad when he outgrew being able to use it as his blanket.

I loved it so much that I splurged and got a pink one for our daughter. It is so much more than I would have imagined I would spend on a blanket, but I had LOVED our first one so much and wanted for our daughter to have one, too. So, I caved. Sometimes they carry them in the store and sometimes not, but if you're ever near a PBK, it would be worth checking out.
Rebekah--thanks for commenting!! :)
Ok-I think I am going to try to make one. When my grandmother died in January, I was given some quilt blocks for a quilt she had begun. They are 9-patch squares in green and purple. Yesterday I found a fabric for the back that is white with green polka dots. W.G. has inspired me to do some quilting again. But I still really want her to have a minky blanket, so maybe I will get one later.
yay for making quilts!!!
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