Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Published Photos

I have a couple of photos in this month's (October) Writer's Digest magazine. The photos are of author James Boice. If you look at the small type in the fold of the page you'll see my little name. =) I also have a Writer's Digest cover coming out in December. That'll be kinda cool...

very nice!

how exciting!
so proud of you!!! a cover-wow!
That is so cool!
That's awesome!!! Is this the same author from before??
James Boice is the same author that used my photo for the back of his book earlier this year and I have another author (Tom Perrotta) that will be using my photo of him for his new book on sale next month. Perrotta is the author of 'Little Children' and also co-wrote the screenplay for the oscar nominated movie.

I'm really enjoying this sort of work.
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