Friday, September 28, 2007

How we met...

I met Jana in September 1996, one week after I was engaged to my husband. **We were engaged our junior year and married for our senior year. We fell under the 'better to marry then to burn with passion' category** Jana and I were in a printmaking class together, intaglio, I think?? The great thing about being an art major is that you get to sit around and talk for hours while working on your pieces. By the time of my wedding the next May, which Jana attended, I felt that it was weird that she wasn't a bridesmaid! In 1998, Jana and I traveled to New York City together to visit a friend who was doing grad work. That was such a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!

When my DH and I moved to Iowa, Jana visited us. When we moved to Houston, Jana visited us. I have always been blessed by her loyalty to our friendship even when miles separate us.

Then there is Rox. Rox is so special to me, because she was a friend of my sister-in-law. Rox and I were probably more acquaintances, then friends at Baylor. I knew she was close with Jana, but we only had one class together. I believe Rox and Adrienne really got to know each other in a photography class. Many of Adrienne's first portraits are of Rox. When Adrienne died Rox sang at her funeral. Her grief was beautiful and comforting to me. Then I really didn't see her again until Jana's wedding, where I believe, our friendship really began. We were celebrating Jana and remembering Adrienne, which made for a sweet, sweet weekend.

One year later, Rox and Jana traveled to California to visit me where I took them on a beautiful and nauseating drive up Hwy 1 to Point Reyes. We have emailed, made calls and blogged in between trips to visit each other in California and Boston.

From my perspective to know the three of us, is really to know about the fourth. Rox and Jana have their own sweet friendship and history, which I am so, so thankful they have invited me in to.

I love these women.

i love you, too!
I actually think our first class together was Figure drawing....
Hey, thanks Lizard. Even though we weren't friends in college it's been great getting to know you, making new and fun memories and sharing our loss of Adrienne.
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