Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Homeschooling Fever

Every spring every Homeschooling parent begins to question what they are doing. Have we made the right choice? Are we where we should be? Where should we be? Should one be in school and the other not? How do I stay patient? Is this fun? Can I start drinking? How much is too much coffee? Do I even like these little people?

The questions go on and on and this is where I am right now. We started the year with a bang and had a great time, but since adopting Mei Mei, if we can do phonics and math and read a book, I consider that a banner day. *When it boils down, thats all that is important in the first grade.*

But now summer is coming up and we are headed to homeschool conferences, looking at curriculum for the fall and planning, planning, planning. * I think we might be joining a homeschool choir called Corum Deo.*

I am beginning to see how far we actually have come this year. Sam is reading!! And he is beginning to write his own sentences!! That is huge for him and for me. I can teach something!!!
Ethan did pre-K this year and he know his numbers almost to 20 and knows most of his letters.

I am learning as well. I am learning through making alot of mistakes on how to present a lesson in an orderly way, how to enjoy my kids in the moment, how to capitalize on a statement or idea and how to let them explore it. I am learning that Barna homeschooling doesn't have to look like another family's homeschooling, that it is unique to us and that makes it special and wonderful. I don't have to be perfect and that I am not completely responsible for how they will grow up and that God is sovereign and can cover my mistakes.

What I love about Homeschooling is that it is not only about teaching and training your children, but it is about teaching and training my heart as well.

i love you.
i do.
i needed to read this,
right now, today.
mwah X
i keep seeing myself homeschooling our daughter when the time comes.....
lizard, i'd never actually considered homeschooling until i heard you talking about it last year while in boston. i love that sam is doing so well.
Get ready to be humbled....: )
I've been being humbled for each day of my ten years of teaching! That applies to regular school teachers as well! :)
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