Monday, February 04, 2008

Masterpiece Theatre presents:

.....a short and silent video showcasing sweetpea's impressive cinematography skillz.

the setting: sweetpea and sweetpea's husband enjoy a daytrip out to an tiny island which is also a bird sanctuary. the weather: Mexican-sun-sweltering. sweetpea is not half-naked like everyone else--she has the day before proven herself to be not-a-good-sunbather and has broken out in a full body sunrash. Thus she has desperately outfitted herself in white clothing in an attempt to neither die of sun poisoning nor heat exhaustion. (Rash must not be exposed to sun, and this proves to be difficult, since sweetpea is in the Carribean.) Our guides, having hooked fish off the side of the boat on the trip over, have laid out a delicious spread: fresh guac, fresh pico, and a huge fish, seasoned and grilled. All participants have just finished stuffing their hungry mouths and slugging down the last of the cerveza and orange Fanta.

the action: sweetpea, fascinated by the crackling sound of some kind of freaky million-crab-march migration, fires up the Nikon. Realizes a few seconds later that a gigantic iguana broods a few feet from the crab craziness. Nonchalantly backs up to include giant lizard in the shot, as if it were intended to be a part all along. As the shot winds down, cool, hip, jiggly-camera work is utilized, allowing viewer a sense of the full setting. *Please also note--the ultra-white husband (also developing sunrash on his chest and back.) Shot ends with a provocative glimpse of fish carcass.

hhahhaha! you crack me up :)
While the video is quite fascinating, I must confess that I laughed quite a hearty laugh or two whilst enjoying the written set-up for said video. Very funny, sweetpea!
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