Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Look who has a new BPA free pacifier!! Thank you, Natursutten!!
I was worried he wouldn't like it because he loves the Avent ones so much, but so far so good!

so sweeeeet!!!
He has your eyes. I keep looking at him.
OH! he is such a beautiful little baby!

Glad you found a paci that's BPA free! And, I am even more glad that Sol seems to like it!
yesterday was our first full day with the paci and he really seems to like it...though we're trying to use it much less these days.

yes, he has my eyes and my hair. he has stephen's lips and head shape, but you can't really tell b/c sól's got those super chubby cheeks. i love those cheeks...
What a cutie!
Did you see this?

Nuby is BPA free?
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