Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's me!!

I just wanted to let all of you know that I'm still here. I am sleep deprived and am pretty much running on coffee and sugar.

I just read through several posts worth of comments and I wanted to thank everyone for following our adoption blog and loving us even though you don't know us. I loved seeing the comments everyday in China. They were a constant encouragement during some difficult days. The trip probably isn't what I had fantasized about. Chinese New Year, the severe weather and Sam being sick really made for an intense time, but we are overjoyed to be home with our sweet daughter. It is all so surreal. I prayed and longed for her for so long and now she is just here...poopy diapers and all. * which makes it VERY real*

She likes to dance, eat raisins and sneeze food out of her nose. She can now wave and say "bye", she says "hi" and "mamamama". She is extremely playful and will try to charm us to get out of going to sleep or something else she doesn't want to do. She wanders around the house investigating every nook and cranny. She likes to comb my hair and stick her fingers in my mouth. *I, of course, let her.*

She is cuddly and sweet and likes to bury her head in my neck. She will sometimes even let Daddy give her some tickly kisses.

We are falling in love and I am so thankful that we could share it all with all of you.

I love Sweetpea and WG dearly and am thankful they let me in on their sweet friendship. I'm obsessed with pictures of Sol and long for pictures from Ethiopia.

Even though we are spread across this country, San Fran, Dallas and Boston, I love that this blog can make you feel so close. *mwah*

i'm so happy for you, lizard!!!!! i'm sorry the trip was hard, but it's nice to see that you're safe at home and enjoying your family...those are answered prayers.

also,...she's ADORABLE!!!! i just want to kiss that smiley face!!
ok-I will kiss it for you. She really is too much.
*mwah!* love you.
MWAH indeed - so precious!

(note: mwah is what Thomas actually says instead of kissing grandparents) ;)
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