Monday, February 18, 2008

BPA Free

Does anyone know about BPA-- toxic chemicals used to make plastic hard or soft? I've only read a little and it's a bit alarming. Since baby is bottle fed we switched to Born Free bottles a couple of weeks ago and we're really happy with them. Just wondered if anyone has read or knows more about it.

This site seems to be a good starting place for those of us that feel we're out of the loop. : )

Hey, WG,
i got rid of all my Avent bottles this go round and went with the Born Free bottles myself. I really like the born free ones, they're great! I especially like the brushes that they designed to clean them. Good design.

Anyways, i don't tend to like to buy into what I term "alarmist" stuff. At first I thought that this fit into that category, but then I heard about this from enough sources that I trust that I was uncomfortable continuing to use them with Honor. I also got rid of Aidan's sippy cups that were the same kind of plastic. For Honor, I have found that Playtex makes a great sippy cup that does not leak as easily as the Born Free sippy cups. Gerber also has a good cup that is not BPA plastic that is pretty good about not leaking.

Anyways, yes, I have heard of BPA, yes it concerns me, and yes I got rid of several very nice other bottles and replaced them with even more expensive Born Free bottles. On top of all that, I am glad I did it.
I have been thinking about this for the next kiddo. Our old bottles are Dr. Brown's and have BPA. I was planning to ask The Research Queen (aka Kellsey) what my BPA-free options were next time I see her. =)
yep. i already don't drink bottled water at all unless it's in polycarbonate--which is supposed to be non-porous. we bought the big bottles at Whole Foods and just refill them at their kiosk. m. and i have done this for years, pretty consistently. i just don't talk about it much b/c people think it's stupid and/or paranoid. but plastic chemicals mimic sex hormones--called xeno-hormones. frankly i already have enough of a hormone imbalance... my holistic doctor told me to stop buying bottled water and actually not to store *food* in plastic, either....

we will either do BPA free bottles or glass bottles--not sure how glass will work if our baby is a thrower--but i do have friends who've used glass.
How come I'm the last to hear about ANYTHING?? What, I shouldn't let the kids lick their bright red, made in China toys?? Hmm?? Yes, I know my kids-glow. I just can't keep up with all of this.

Would one of you please just keep me in the loop, so my kids aren't mutants. Or their kids.
i wasn't too concerned at first, but like kellsey i started reading and hearing about it from people and places i trust.

does anyone have suggestions for bpa free pacifiers? baby uses his to go to sleep at night.
bpa free pacifier:
I forgot to say that you'll have to copy and paste the url. It starts with http and ends with natursutten
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