Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another article....

about plastics in general---it's fairly long, but fascinating. Also gets into the hormonal impact of plastics.....and no, I'm not suggesting that plastic is all bad. But seriously, read the article.

An exerpt:

On land [article had been discussing sea pollution], things are equally gruesome. “Fertility rates have been declining for quite some time now, and exposure to synthetic estrogen—especially from the chemicals found in plastic products—can have an adverse effect,” says Marc Goldstein, M.D., director of the Cornell Institute for Repro-ductive Medicine. Dr. Goldstein also notes that pregnant women are particularly vulnerable: “Prenatal exposure, even in very low doses, can cause irreversible damage in an unborn baby’s reproductive organs.”

And after the baby is born, he or she is hardly out of the woods. Frederick vom Saal, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Missouri at Columbia who specifically studies estrogenic chemicals in plastics, warns parents to “steer clear of polycarbonate baby bottles. They’re particularly dangerous for newborns, whose brains, immune systems, and gonads are still developing.” Dr. vom Saal’s research spurred him to throw out every polycarbonate plastic item in his house, and to stop buying plastic-wrapped food and canned goods (cans are plastic-lined) at the grocery store. “We now know that BPA causes prostate cancer in mice and rats, and abnormalities in the prostate’s stem cell, which is the cell implicated in human prostate cancer,” he says. “That’s enough to scare the hell out of me.” At Tufts University, Ana M. Soto, M.D., a professor of anatomy and cellular biology, has also found connections between these chemicals and breast cancer.

** I just realized that the plastic bottles we store water in must not be polycarbonate. I can't remember what they're called--will try to find out.

this makes me want to go to sleep and just wait till the world ends :( it's so terrifying.
this is a great (and horrifying) article.

the site i linked to in the last post (http://www.bisphenolafree.org/)has a "smart plastics guide" pdf you can download. it gives info on what the plastic labels mean and how to make safer choices.
My Dad sent me an article about plastics. . . he doesn't send me much, is a scientist, and is NOT an alarmist. . . so it caught my attention.
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