Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sam and Ethan rock it again...

So, I have a cold and this past Sunday Andrew took the boys to church. I was in bed as they prepared to go and did not see their outfits until they walked in the door after church. **I immediately pulled the blanket up over my face and laughed so hard I was crying.** Because on top of these AWESOME outfits they each wore a blue stripe clip-on tie on their t-shirts. I "yelled" at my husband for letting them go to church looking like nerds, but he thought they looked great.

This folks is how homeschool families get weird.

seriously, they are so cute that you sort of think that everyone should be dressed that way. trend setters. definitely trend setters.
camos and blazers-the look of 08.
that's awesome.
oh my gosh... i think they look adorable! i think they're developing a very cool, wes anderson type style. i'd venture to say they're gonna be the hippest guys on the block when they grow up.
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