Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our sweet little loser of a blog.

WG, who is probably out snowboarding in a winter wonderland right now, recently sent Lizard and me a gentle email pointing out an undeniable truth: that this blog has become the boringest blog ever.

So, to anyone out there still reading, I apologize. WG had a baby, Lizard and I are focused on our adoption blogs, and, I don't know, I've lost my mojo, people. Here's why:

Too many people read this thing. People from church, people from my husband's work, etc. This should rightly make me more cautious about what I post, but I'm afraid it's really dampened my blogging spirits. Many times I've thought, "Oh, I'll post about this, " only to start thinking about who may read it--what if THAT person reads? By then my desire to post has pretty much completely faded.

So today I'm really throwing caution to the wind: I'm going to talk about politics!

question: What IS it about Obama? Republican friends left and right, (or maybe right and right,) are just lovin' that guy. I really like him, too. His speeches are inspiring. I appreciate the way he's run his campaign. I'd be excited to have a black president.

I want to know more about why people are willing to stop being conservatives and vote for him. Because from what I understand, though he sounds quite centrist, his (short) voting record--which IS what we should be looking at, people--is liberal. Has the Bush admin. just embarrassed us so much that we are willing to vote for someone who seems like he won't make us all feel sheepish? I'm not knocking Obama's appeal or his sincerity. Just pointing out that his actual stance on issues is solidly liberal--universal health care, full-on affirmative action, and a vote against the partial-birth abortion ban. That last one really gets me. I would classify myself as a moderate/conservative; I continue to ponder these things in my small-brained way, admittedly without expertise, and I can't get away from the fact that I believe in small government, not big. Therefore I can't look at his /positions record and vote for the guy, despite the inspirational speeches, despite the thoughtfulness. Should I? Anyone want to convince me to? Here's an even better question--does anyone still READ this blog??

I still read because I love you and always gain wisdom from what you say. I also might add that I am probably one of those people that you think of when you want to blog about something and then think better of it. However, I say, blog about what's on your heart and what's on your mind and have no excuses. Be who you are for God created you that way.

I might also add that I have grown to love Liz and WG through reading this blog, even though I have only met them one your wedding. You three have a unique friendship and this is a wonderful way to stay connected to one another.

I am with you on the politics. My goal before the election is to really educate myself before voting. I am a conservative, but I want to know what my president really believes in...not just vote because I belong to a particular group.

Keep do it so well. Sending hugs to you from eight hours away!
I find Obama interesting as well, but I don't think that I could vote for him if it came down to it. He seems like such a thoughtful yet regular guy (intelligent, verbally gifted and approachable....things that are not often combined in politicians), so I am a little disappointed. I agree with you, though, I believe in small government and I have a VERY hard time getting past how someone could vote against a ban for partial birth abortions....after reading a very detailed description of what that particular procedure entails, it simply boggles my mind completely that anyone could fight to keep it around. I may also be upsetting some people by saying that, but it is where I am.

I often find myself feeling like I don't fit in any available political party. The things that are important to me are usually not easily identifiable with just one camp. I find this somewhat frustrating and often find myself torn when trying to decide for whom to cast my vote. So, in the end I end up voting for many people in my party and many people not in my party. I sometimes wonder if this slows government since I am helping to put people into government who may not work well together...even so, I don't know how else to do this and I have yet to go to a voting booth feeling like I could vote a straight ticket either way.
And just so you know, I check this blog daily (sometimes more than once). I look forward to getting to read and see pics of you and yours. I have really felt somehow connected with you ( a real treat) and with Lizard and WG (and I have only met WG once). I even found myself setting a clock for myself today so that i would know what time it was in Beijing. I cried with excitement and happiness for Lizard that she has already awoken into 'gotcha day'. This blog made that possible. Thank you.

Feel free to post whatever is on your minds, ladies. I certainly don't expect you all to always agree, and I enjoy being challenged to think.

It has been such a joy to get to read and comment here. Thank you!
i'm not sure what to think about obama, but i like him better than the other dems.

also, i still like having this blog. it's a fun place for all three of us to meet.
and it's been fun to get to know some of our loyal readers!!
I still LOVE this blog. I agree with Dawn I've gotten to know and love WG and Liz through this blog and love being apart to your friendship.

I'm clueless when it comes to politics and honestly I feel like they are all liars, so I usually don't vote. I know that many people probably want to string me up by my toes for that comment, but I'm pretty cynical when it comes to government. It seems like they are all saying whatever they think we want to hear and that there aren't any clear cut answers anyway.

I'd love to understand it all though...that would make me feel smart and happy. So please educate and enlighten me.
I'm here! My sister asked me last month who I would be voting for, and I say, "the Republican candidate." While that sounds like a cop out from someone who tires of the political VERY quickly, when it comes down to it, I don't trust the campaigns. When it comes to issues, I just tend to fall on the Republican side idealogically. And isn't that more important than the look of the actual talking head? I think so.

Oh, and I totally cried when Liz got Mei. She's probably wondering who this Lindsay person is that keeps commenting on her adoption blog! SP, you might have to warn her that I'm totally not an internet stalker!
i still read! i'm just usually a few posts late... whoops!

i think the primary appeal of obama is that he's an idealist. but that's also what steers me away from him. ideal politics sound great, but in reality, they don't add up to much. plus... universal healthcare alone makes me want to run screaming in the opposite direction. once again... something that sounds great, but doesn't work. sure, medical care is cheaper and everyone can get it... but the quality of care goes down drastically (among other problems).

anyway... very interesting query, sweetpea :) i'm glad you posted this. as you can see by my blog, i sort of ignore the fact that lots of people read my blog and just write whatever i want to. i imagine it's not the wisest move on my part... but ah well.
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