Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mondo Beyondo!!

Some of my bloggy friends do a "mondo beyondo" list at the beginning of the year. Forget about those lame resolution lists about losing weight, etc. THIS is a list of your wildest dreams, your deep desires. No worries about whether they are actually attainable.

It's good to dream!!

Here's my starter list for myself:

1. Live in Europe.
2. Live in Africa.
3. Buy and renovate cottage. Create an amazing veg. and flower garden outside cottage.
4. Persuade all my dearest friends to move onto the same street as the cottage.
5. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
6. Start some kind of arts/minisitry/NGO for children in war-torn countries.

SO, what's your list look like?

1. speak 5 more languages fluently
2. have husband design home
3. build above home in colorado
4. convince family and friends to move to colorado
5. go snowboarding every possible day
6. work with annie leibovitz
1.Live in England
2.Display new paintings in the top gallery in San Francisco and sell out on opening night.
3.Have WG's husband design us a home to be built in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
4.convince Sweetpea and WG that they should be Californians.
5.Adopt lots of babies from lots of countries.
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. The outpouring of support has been a lifeline. You guys are such a beautiful family.
i love this, and i'm planning to do it over at my place. so stop by if you can.

and can i please be one of your cottage neighbors? 'cause that would make me supremely happy :)
1. Marry a Wonderful man.
2. Buy the random farm here in West dallas and transform it into a refuge for kids. Many of whom we (my dreamt of husband) can adopt and make our own.
3. See the world.
4. Gain 30 pounds in Italy by eating and drinking to my hearts content.
5. Keep everyone I love close to me.
6. Write a book
7. Learn to dance.
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