Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year from WG & Family

We just returned from a little Christmas vacation in So. California with husband's family. It was a much needed break for all of us. The week before we left was extremely stressful as I tried to balance pumping, breastfeeding and sanity. Stephen was busy finishing up finals and we both breathed a sigh of relief in Cali's sunny air.

After giving it all I had, we switched completely to formula a little over a week ago. It was a huge load off...I was totally exhausted from trying nearly everything. I'm happy to say that my baby is gaining weight at a steady pace and is very happy and healthy.

2008...We're looking forward to watching our baby boy grow into a little toddler, Stephen's looking forward to finishing up grad school!!!...And we're praying about what's next...

Hope you all had a lovely holiday sesaon!! Any new year's resolutions?

he is so so beautiful :)
I am so glad that sol is gaining weight. It sounds like it was extremely difficult to go through this whole process of breastfeeding and pumping. I am very glad for you to have come to a place of more peace (and probably more sleep, too!) yea that we live in a time where there is good formula around so that sol can get what he needs and you can get what you need! Thanks for the picture. You are both so beautiful.
what a sweet picture!! so glad baby's healthy and you are feeling sane. :) sanity is so important.
yeah, ditto what Kellsey said. 'Cause a wet nurse, the Olde Timey solution to this problem, seem like they'd be a bit of a hassle to procure these days...
yeah, *love* your pix WG, what a happy smiley bubba you have, there's lots of love going on there, you're making me very clucky lol.
all the best for 2008!
nope, no new year's reso's down here, i am happy that i've stuck to my eating plan since mid-november and haven't totally given it away over christmas, have even started going to the gym with hubby, so hopefully that'll continue: don't wanna jinx it by making it a *resolution* lol
much love X
Hey-I hadn't thought of using a wet nurse Rox. My husband actually actually suggested I become one when I was nursing.

So what comes next...I'm praying its California!!!
Sanity is always the best choice.

You can breastfeed your baby for as long as you choose, but if you forgo your sanity, what kind of mother have you become? A dazed and confused one, that's what.

Not that I am speaking from experience or anything.

Sol is darling and you look radiant. Motherhood looks lovely on you!
thanks, y'all. thanks, Dawn. i would've loved it if breastfeeding had worked out, but in the end i had to choose sanity. it wasn't enjoyable anymore...

anyway, i'm doing great. feelin' great. Sól is a wonderful baby and a lot of fun. he loves to smile. i'm trying to soak it all in...everyone tells me how fast it quickly they grow up...i want to savor every minute.
Hey Roxanna...Do you and Stephen still come out to L'Abri on Friday nights? Joe and I are going to be there from January 23rd through February 1st and we'd love to see you and meet baby Sol. Let me know.
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