Monday, December 03, 2007

You think you won't, but you will...

Two weeks ago this is what my boys put on to go eat Indian food. There really was nothing I could do about it. They thought they were dressed up. I thought they looked like nerds. **OF COURSE, I did not tell them that, but are they helping the home schooling stereotype??NO!!**

All of you hip mom's, whose kids are three and younger dress your kids in Gymboree, Gap, Hanna Andersson, Old Navy. Or maybe you are even hipper and your kid is dressed entirely off of Etsy. You make sure they are adorable and hip. They wear expensive, adorable shoes and they always look great. Sometimes greater then you. You go to the mall and are horrified by all those mismatched kids 4 and up. You think,"my kids will NEVER look like that!!" But they will. Wait and see. You will meet your husband at a restaurant and he will gawk at your children and you will say, "I tried." Because what you don't know is how tired you will be and that your kid will have strong preferences that you don't really want to fight, because you know you are going to be late and you finally have shoes on one of them while you are searching for the other kids shoes. He will want to wear his cowboy shirt with camos or clip his tie to his t-shirts. My hairdresser tells me Ethan looks like a foreigner from some Scandinavian country.

I know he does.

You think you can fight this crime of fashion, but you can't. You think you won't let them out of the house looking like...well, my boys, but YOU WILL.

You are such a great mom. I struggle with this same thing all the time with my boys.

Clothing is such a small part of life and we have to choose our battles wisely because there are just way too many that are more worthwhile to fight.

I love how you are letting your kids show independance and their own uniqueness.

Hang in there!
Unique-that's a great way to word it. : )

Ethan's sunday school teacher calls him 'alive', I call him 'disobedient'.

Thanks Dawn for your encouragement!
they look like Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson ..... = AWEsome :)
Andrew says "yes-you are awesome!"

We have thought that for a long time AND Ethan bangs his nose ALL the time so he is on his way to be Owen!!
i took my 4yr old niece out once with bright pink, silky pajama bottoms and some random t-shirt that didn't match anything else. i admit that i was slightly embarrassed by it, but i didn't have the energy to fight her wardrobe choices. she's also just as likely to go out wearing a tutu, wings or a cinderella dress. i love it.

i love this photo b/c they look so proud of themselves. :) too cute.
That's so cute. I'm a "pick your battles" kind of mom, so I'm sure my son will look like this in a couple of years, too.

I always think pictures like this will be family classics to treasure. One for the Rehearsal Dinner video!
I think they are adorable, and obviously so proud of their choices.
That's whats so funny! They thought they looked AWESOME!!! Sam loves that little jacket, but it hasn't fit him for 2 years. Time for a new one I think. Andrew wears a suit everyday and I think Sam is just trying to look like his daddy! I don't know who Ethan is trying to look like.
Yes, the battles have already begun with my 3 yr old boy. Most of the time I cave because I just don't have the energy, but I have to admit that from time to time if his daddy is home and we can be "two on one", I push on through until he's wearing something that is at least weather appropriate.

I absolutely LOVE these outfits, though, they are ROCKIN'!
You think you can fight this crime of fashion, but you can't
lizard, you are so right!!!!
my S10 was wearing a hideous thick gold chain around his neck the other day, and to my shame i tried to persuade him to ditch it. but he didn't. until he got to grandad's and fixed his pocketwatch. the chain belongs on the pocketwatch. he was probably wearing it for safe keeping.
silly mummy, i wished i'd just shut up.
keep this photo of the lads, girlie, it's a cracker!!!!! X
First time to read your blog - I'm a homeschool mom who sometimes wants to crawl under a rock when I see the strange get-ups my 11 yr old daughter wears. Modest, yes - strange, UH-HUH!
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