Sunday, December 02, 2007

WG's Baby Update

Sol is 3 weeks old today. The moms are gone and we're on our own!!

We had a discouraging visit to the pediatrician on friday. Sol has a bit of baby acid reflux and hasn't gained any weight in 2 weeks. We're also dealing with a little bit of constipation on top of that...I've started pumping to increase milk supply and we're going in tomorrow for a weight check.

I'm not too worried because for the most part he seems happy, but it was a little frustrating to hear that everything's not ok. He sleeps on his tummy now and that seems to have solved some of the discomfort of the reflux.

We're hoping we have a more positive report tomorrow. He's a good baby and he gets cuter every day. :)

Thanks for the update!! Sol is just too cute!! I cannot get over how alert he looks in this picture!! Sorry to hear about the acid reflux. Poor little guy! I’m praying he will feel better soon! Love ya!!
Hey there-So sorry about the reflux-not fun!! I will pray for his little belly. A friend of mine discovered that going off dairy helped her baby with her reflux.
What a cutie! He's such a boy - there's no mistaking it.

I also went dairy-free when my son's tummy was upset at this age. I learned to embrace the soy. =) And half of a wax suppository up his bum made instant poop! Anyway, that's what worked for us.
So not fun. I am sorry that little Sol is having tummy issues. But, if you end up going off dairy to see if it makes a difference, it can take up to two weeks for the dairy to completely exit your system.

If you are an ice cream lover, then there are some okay alternatives, I found that Tofutti Cuties (the mint chocolate chip version) were awesome (they are a soy version of the ice cream sandwich). I got so addicted that even once I restarted dairy months later, I still bought them. Also, there is something called "earth balance" that is a butter substitute and it is great! It tastes like real butter, not margarine, and when I put it on things and didn't tell anyone, they couldn't tell the difference.

Oh, and if it is dairy, it is usually just cow dairy that causes problems, so you may still be able to eat goat cheese (I usually associate that with all kinds of stuff I don't like, but nowadays there are some goat versions of white cheddar and other more "normal" cheeses that are pretty good, especially on a cracker or a you have any organic grocery stores nearby? they tend to carry more options with these kind of things.)

I kind of hope that it does have something to do with dairy because then you could do something that would make a difference. It stinks when something is wrong and there just isn't much you can do. Can babies take the acid reflux meds when they are only a few weeks old?

oh, and I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet: Sol is so fabulously cute!
I think my favorite thing about Sol...are his ears!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!
yeah, i love his ears and he makes the cutest faces with his little mouth. those are harder to catch on camera.
Just a passerby, but I wanted to let you know I work in the medical field and that it is highly common for first born male children to have this problem. They do grow out of it, just make sure he does not lay down after eating and if he is on his back, prop him at an angle.

There is something in their genetic make-up where their tummies develop a little more slowly than the girls. Just stay positive and remember it will pass.
He is soooo cute!!!!
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