Friday, December 28, 2007

Only Scoob could tell...

So, as you may have heard we had a teeny, little incident at our zoo. You know the story, Tatiana the tiger escaped and mauled three people killing one of them.

We were at the San Francisco Zoo 4 weeks ago. I LOVE this zoo. I am attached to this zoo. It is so beautiful and spectacular and parts of it are oh, so very.....old. The entire large cats building/cages/enclosures are the originals. It is a beautiful building with classic architecture. But it is old people.

The two survivors aren't talking. The theory is that they were taunting the animal and either helped it out somehow or antagonized it to the point that it got angry enough to climb/jump out of the enclosure. The cafe where the two victims were found is where we buy our chicken nuggets. I cannot imagine how those two guys ran there, in the dark, knowing a Tiger was chasing them. It isn't a direct shot from the enclosure to the cafe actually. Terror!!

Sam has a Scooby Doo theory that the boys were set up by the Zoo director, because he wanted more money. He wants to go investigate and I said no way, until we know its safe!!

Scooby Doo, where are you??

I love this story! And, I think it's awesome that you referenced Scooby Doo. Sam totally needs a Mystery Machine Van.
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