Monday, November 26, 2007

'Sweet' Sam

All this talk of babies is particularly wondrous to me when I think about how my first baby, Sam, turned 7 on Friday. I really cannot believe it!! Am I really old enough?!? ...probably not. It is chronologically possible, but I don't feel ready for adolescence. He is big and independent and wants private showers and likes looking 'sweet' on his new bike. He makes his own lunch and pours his own milk. He swings by for a cuddle and then runs off to create havoc with our art supplies, because he HAS TO make something right then and there. He is becoming argumentative and is beginning to make good points. **oh no** He recites The Hobbit and SpongeBob with equal ease. He is maturing yet still believes in Santa. **he has come up with an entire plan on what to do if we are in China for Christmas. It basically involves a letter to Santa that says leave presents here-arrow pointing to floor.** He is a boy, but becoming a little man. He is passionate, emotional and I think even as an adult he will wear his passions and emotions on his sleeve.

So Happy Birthday sweet Sam!! **I mean that only in the coolest sense.**

I can't believe he's 7!!!! Happy Birthday, Sam!!
three cheers for sweet, 'sweet' Sam! -peggy
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