Friday, November 16, 2007

Bringing Baby Home

We've had three nights at home now and each night is getting a little easier. I feel like God has given me super human mommy strength to run on very little sleep and for that I am incredibly thankful. My body hurts, though. It's my biggest struggle right now. I don't have time for a full play by play of my labor and delivery, but Sol was born with vacuum assist and I had an episiotomy. It hurts to sit and it hurts to walk...I'm praying for quick healing...

Sol is an amazing baby. He doesn't cry unless there's something wrong and we're quickly learning how to be a step ahead. He has these alert periods during the day--we set him on a blanket and he just stares out the window and listens to our voices. It's super cute.

Breastfeeding is going really well. My milk is in and he's an efficient eater. This is a huge answered prayer.

And my mother-in-law is here as an angel sent from heaven...I don't know how we'd be surviving without her tasty meals and extra set of hands. We're SO happy to have her here. My mom will be arriving in a few days and we're excited for her to join in the fun.

We have a check up with the pediatrician today to see how he's doing. We're hoping for a good report.

He is gorgeous. So happy that he is adjusting to life at home so well.

Sounds like you and I had very similar first birth experiences. Ice packs and then heating pads will aid in your epi healing. As will hot baths several times a day.

The good news is that future births will probably not be as hard on your body.
Sam was vacuum assisted. Not fun. It took me about 3 weeks to heal from my tear with him.

Sol is gorgeous. He looks just like both of you!! Stephen must be over the moon!! Love you-
I’m so glad the Lord has blessed you with endurance and a peaceful baby! I just wish you were not so far away!! Update when you can!
He is so beautiful!
Congrats and heal quickly...
Kathy Days
(a lurker. Hi!)
Yikes! That sounds like it was painful and probably quite emotional as well. I am glad that it is all past, and that now you can heal. I will pray for quick healing for you and for some good rest. (maybe not long periods of rest, since I know that is impossible right now, but I will pray that the rest you are able to get is deep and restorative).
oh roxana, he's *beautiful*!!!
love your photos, praying for a quick healing for you and a wonderful babymoon.
loads of love
k X
oh wow, he is just sooo beautiful!
(my best post partum tip? keep your pads in the freezer prior to use! and lots of hypercal lotion (not cream). )
thanks, y'all for your prayers, encouragement and tips! i'm really enjoying my time with baby Sol. stephen and i are totally in love. i'm hoping to feel better soon.
Sarah Bean-that is a GREAT TIP!! When I had Sam in Iowa the nurses actually gave me condoms filled with water that had been frozen. I laid them on my pad and then covered them with witch hazel pads. Sounds weird, but they were wonderful!! **Did I just share too much??**
Ha - I'm glad you shared that, Lizard. What a great tip! And funny, too!

JTC was a vacuum-assist, too, and they gave me a level 3 (?) episiotomy. I just used hot water in the sqeezy bottle every time I went to the bathroom and then used some kind of spray stuff (can't remember the name) that they had given me. Sounds like maybe I just had easy healing, though.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get on and comment, but I've been working off my work laptop for over a week, and I can't do comments from it for some reason. Sol is gorgeous, and I'm jealous of all that hair! I'm so glad nursing is going well for you, too.
Oh, and how is Sol pronouned? "Soul" or "Saul"?
It's "soul." Sol is the spanish word for sun. Not short for solomon.

I'm feeling a tiny bit better the past few days although now my hips have started hurting and I had an upset stomach all day yesterday. I'm really looking forward to not being in pain at some point.

I'm really enjoying time with baby, though. He's amazing and makes it ALL worth it. :)
Rox- My back ached for quite awhile. You sound like you might be built similar to me. My pelvis opening is quite small and it really has to spread. Even Ethan was difficult. Unfortunately from the outside you can't tell this, as I am quite curvy!! : )

Really give yourself 6 weeks and you will be amazed as how good you feel. Tired, but amazed!!

Love you-
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