Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You know you live in California when...

your Administrative Assistant is the 4th season winner of Survivor. Y'all I am not kidding.

My DH began his new job yesterday and he mentioned his assistants name and how he liked it.

Today while she was doing his orientation she told him her life story. How she won the 4th season of survivor, how her nephew is the Dallas Cowboys player Roy Williams, how her little boy is on the new show Carpoolers, how she is a Christian and where she goes to church. To say the least Andrew was a little blown away.

So I know Vecepia had to overcome a lot of challenges to win Survivor, but is she up to my husband's horrible spelling? Stay tuned...we will see......

How crazy!

So fun, too! I hope she's up for his spelling, because she sounds like fun to have around.
I'm Rox's friend from Waco TX and in Texas we worship the cowboys...AUTOGRAPHS!!!
Carolyn-I am from Houston and my grandparents lived in Ft. Worth, nearly their entire lives. Every year my grandmother would frame the Cowboys team picture from the Star Telegram and put it in the hall on the wall. So I understand!! : )

It might actually be possible. Apparently Roy's mom also works at Stanford Hospital and he comes out a few times a year. We don't have cable so we are forced to watch Raiders and 49's games. So sad.
That's hilarious. Only in California...
wow! how cool - and you guys get to be famous by association ;)
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