Monday, October 29, 2007

Go Red Sox!!

The Boston Red Sox won the world series last night against the Colorado Rockies. It was a 4 game sweep and Bostonians are on a serious high this morning. The celebrating in the streets last night went into the early morning hours. I watched safely and warmly from my tv at home.

A local furniture store had a promotion this summer for free furniture if the red sox won the world series. Furniture purchased from their store during their 5-week promotion would be fully rebated if the red sox won. Around 30,000 people took a chance on their deal and will now have their furniture for free. Crazy, huh?

so fun. i am wearing my sox cap today!!
I've been worried this would put you into labor...: ) Can't quite jump up off the couch anymore, huh?? : )
there's a big parade tomorrow with the players riding through the city on duck boats. i really want to go if i can find someone to go with me. =) maybe that will get labor going.
It was a great series and I'm so happy for Boston! I watched Fever Pitch the next day to celebrate :-)
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