Wednesday, October 17, 2007

36 Weeks

Only a few weeks left. I'm kind of ready for baby to come out and play. =) I'm wrapping up my photo work and spending my evenings sewing last minute projects. Everywhere I go I get the same reaction--"That's going to be a big baby!" Hmmmm. What do they mean by big? Not exactly what I want to hear as I'm hoping to labor sans drugs...

I'm taking a breastfeeding class on Saturday at the hospital. I'm looking forward to it.

In the photo I'm wearing one of my favorite maternity shirts (it's one of the ones loaned to me by Kellsey. Thanks, Kellsey!). I get compliments on it every time I wear it and it's one of the only few that is long enough to cover my enormous belly.

Wow Rox! So that's how a baby fits into a tall and tiny person. : )You are glowing and look so happy!! You will miss that belly one day so enjoy it!!
Am. So. Jealous. That shirt is adorable, and not just for M-clothes.

Can't wait to see the bebe!!!!

And lizard miiight be right, but I was so happy to have freedom of movement/sitting back - I do NOT miss my belly.
Your more than welcome, WG! It looks so fantastic on you, too!

Hey, only one more week and then you're in the "anything goes" period. Woo-hoo!

And, yes, there were very very few shirts that covered my enormous belly in the third trimester (which is exactly why my mother got me that shirt....yea for Mom!). I think I wore it more than anything else for that last month.

And, on the belly note---I sometimes miss the fun feelings of the baby moving around inside, but man-oh-man am I glad to be able to sleep on my back again!

now if only I could lose a little MORE of the post-baby belly!

I keep telling myself it's because I have now had two kids, or it's because I'm still nursing (which actually does explain why "the girls" are still so ginormous...sigh..)...but really, it's probably because I have such a deep and abiding love of ice cream.
aarg! I meant to say "YOU'RE more than welcome" not "YOUR"....

whatever would Dr. Brunson say?

(he was my english teacher in high school)
Kels--he's probably give you an "F." :)

Looking good Rox! You're going to do GREAT in labor!
Aw, I love your big belly! I think people just forget what it looks like to be THAT pregnant - that's why you get the big belly comments. When people picture someone being pregnant - I think they picture someone 5-6 months pregnant; not 8-9!

Yes, Kellsey's mom is the best maternity clothes-buyer ever. Hmmm... maybe I'll get to borrow them after all, since I'm not pregnant at the same time as you!
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