Sunday, September 02, 2007

bebe quilt

while i was in texas my mom helped me make my first quilt. i was excited to get it back with our lost luggage. you'll have to excuse mr. monkey and mr. elephant. they insisted on being in the photo.

Darling! How wonderful that you and your mom did it together. Wish I had a gift for sewing...I just do not have the patience.

The colors are perfect for baby boy. Once he can lay on his tummy and hold his head up, he will love looking at the bright colors.

Job well done!
i love it!! esp. the striped under part in contrast to the squares. :)
So sweet!! That will always be so special.
thanks! i'm really happy with it. making quilts is fun!
BEAUTIFUL! Your mom told me about the quilt at your baby shower! I'm so glad to see a picture of it!
Now that is gorgeous. Yay.
yea! that's so fun! Also, i am only too glad to excuse mr. elephant and mr. monkey. We have a donkey and a cow who always insist on being in Aidan's bed, too.
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