Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WG Update

I'm back in Boston this week from my 11 day Texas trip home to see family and friends. It was a wonderful trip (although a bit WARM) and last Saturday I had a lovely baby shower. Stephen and I were truly blessed by all the gifts and encouragement. We had a lot of family and friends that came a long way to be there. Sweetpea and her husband were there and came early to help my sister-in-law prepare for the shower. (Thanks Sweetpea!) Kellsey and Honor also attended and drove in from out of town to be there! (Thanks, Kellsey! It was so fun to meet you!) And Lizard sent a gift via Sweetpea all the way from California. (Thanks, Lizard!!!) I feel loved. =)

The bad news is that on Monday the airline lost Stephen's luggage on our way home and one of the missing bags contains 80% of the gifts given to us at the shower. There's still no sign of the bags. Please say a little prayer for us that we will eventually be reunited with our luggage. Even if they can reimburse us for the lost gifts there were a lot of personalized items that cannot be replaced exactly. *sigh*

That's AWFUL! I'm praying for you.
ugh. let me know.

i had so much fun! and i loved getting to visit with Kellsey!!
yeah, WARM. It was WARM.
Oh, that STINKS! On a positive note, though, you girls are GORGEOUS!
What a bummer!!! But it is amazing what they can find! They once found an entire set of CD's we had left in the back pocket of a seat!!
shucks. thanks, linds.
It was so much fun to get to meet you, WG, and to get to catch up with Sweetpea. Ladies, thank you for letting me come and hang around. Honor and i had a very good time.

Also, I really hope that they find your bag. That's just crazy!!!! They have always found my lost stuff, if that is at all encouraging.

Oh, and I agree with Linds, you ladies were truly looking lovely. I cannot believe that you have gained 25 lbs. You still look so small to me!
It was sooo great to see you and Stephen!! And the shower was just perfect! Stinks about the luggage but I know it will be found!!
Have they located your bags yet?
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