Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My new car is a pre-owned Passat. A little light appeared on the dash Sunday afternoon so Andrew took it in to the dealership yesterday morning.

When I told Ethan that we thought it had something to do with the gas lines, he said, "maybe the gas you put in it was too spicy."

hee hee.

what happened to the element?
well that's a long story. We put it toward a Honda Odyssey mini-van, which we soon realized was too expensive. We were spending $50/wk on gas. We then revamped our budget to focus on some financial goals and the van no longer fit into the pic, so we switched it for a pre-owned car.
are you enjoying the Passat (despite it's spicy gas)?

I have to admit that I LOVE LOVE my passat. I had not driven a car in 10 years. It is so zippy and fun to drive. The boys will say "turn on the speed!" It is an 03, but it looks like new. So shoving 3 kids in the back may be interesting, but we love it so far.
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