Sunday, August 19, 2007

Calling all mommies.....

Okay, friends, as M. and I work to finish up adoption paperwork, (actually, M. is doing most of it,) I am feeling the urge to start researching baby stuff!! Yay.

I would love to know your opinions on:

Strollers--Kellsey--I know you like McClaren (sp?) . But what model--are there some that are lots better than others? What about other brands? Should I buy one of those 3 wheelers?

Cloth Diapers--Kellsey, I've already forgotten the ones you liked other than Fuzzi Bunz. I invested in some chinese pre-folds a long time ago, so I need some suggestions for covers so I can get some use out of those, too. But I'm open to AIO's, etc.

Car Seats--I know this is an important one. Kristen?

.....and any other must-have products.

I do hope to do the babywearing thing, and we are planning on the baby sleeping in our room with a co-sleeper--both in order to promote healthy adoption we don't need crib suggestions. Has anyone used the Didymos sling? I've heard good things.

So far, the only thing I really must have for my baby are organic onesies and babylegs. :)

WG--what are some websites you used for research? I know I could just start surfing the net, but I'd love everyone's opinions.

favorite pj's-Hanna Andersen

They are a little more expensive, but they are durable and so soft. I buy them a little big and then both boys wear them. Then I hand them on to someone else and they are still in great condition.

Ironically, even after two kids I'm really not that opinionated about products. Whatever gets the job done well. My only comment on strollers is make sure it is light and steers easily. You have to lug this thing in and out of cars, through airports and push it down tight clothing aisles.
yipee!! so fun to research baby stuff!!! (i'm hoping to get some baby legs for my little guy.)

in addition to everyone's suggestions i think you should get the book, "Baby Bargains." it's a HUGE help in explaining and rating brands, listing necessary baby items and giving you prices. it will let you know how things rank with consumer reports, etc. it also talks about adoption. it's also a good resource if you're thinking about buying anything used.
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ooh, and i'm still trying to find the perfect diaper bag. any suggestions?
Sweetpea, what fun!!!! I love Maclaren, you're right. I think that the triumph is probably a great fit for you guys. You won't need one that fully reclines since you won't be using it before 3 or 4 months old (most likely). Also, the triumph is very light, it rolls so VERY smoothly, turns on a dime and has a strap with which you can throw it over your shoulder once you've collapsed it. Also, it collapses SO EASILY with just one hand. I traveled at least a few times by myself with Aidan and had to hold him in one arm while collapsing the stroller with the other at airport security. no problems. You could get a more expensive one if you want, and you would probably enjoy it, but maclarens are not cheap in general and the triumph should be a good fit for your needs. Do not get a stroller that requires more than one hand to fold (e.g., the Combi...I can't tell you how many times I had to really fight that stroller to get it collapsed and was a loaner from my mom..I HATED it. I also hated it because I am a taller mom and couldn't help but kick it when I walked. Most strollers are designed for women who are 5'6". if that is you, then it won't bother you, but if you or your husband are taller, then maclaren may be a good match as they generally work better for taller people."

As far as a three wheeler, there are some nice ones out there, but they tend to be heavier. Do you like to run? If so, do you run on even smooth pavement, or do you like to run a little bit off the beaten track on trails with tree roots and gravel, etc? This will make a big difference in what kind of jogger stroller you might want to look into.

The other diaper I showed you was a BumGenius 2.0 All-in-One diaper. Cotton Babies, who make the Bum Genius diapers, have recently switched to a larger factory. They had to shut down production on the All-in-ones for just a bit while they transition over to this new place. They will be available again soon. so, if you find that they seem to be out of stock everywhere, don't worry, they'll be back in time for you and your little one. They are GREAT!!!! My mom likes them better than the fuzzi bunz since she doesn't have to do the guesswork of figuring out which snaps are the right ones.

For covers I cannot say enough about Bummis Super Whisper Wraps. They come in white and in some very cute prints, although most of them are sort of boyish. If I were you, I would go to to check out their covers. they have more variety than almost any other site I have ever been to. I gave WG two of these: one was a print of babies in space and one was a print of froggies. You can ask her how she likes them after she gets a chance to use them. From what I can tell, they are often the main workhorse of many people's cover collection. They fit many body types and do a great job at containing things.

Wedding Girl, I love my Kecci Mommy Bag ( have one of the bags that can be a backpack, too.) If you want to go out and use cloth diapers while you are out, you will need a bigger bag. With Aidan, I just used a land's end daytripper diaper bag. It was small and great, but I didn't use cloth with him until he was a year old and didn't need more space. ALso, the kecci bags are almost as pretty as the Petunia Picklebottom bags, but at less than 1/2 the price. Don't get one from because they have HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE customer service. ARGGGG!!!!

Dang, that was a LONG comment. I probably have more to say, too, but I need to go and get some things done around my kitchen so it won't be a mess when I wake up tomorrow.
oooh, it is so FUN to read these comments!!! keep 'em coming!
I am going to get as much in as I can with this crazy long comment!

Diaper Bag: Lexi Barnes. The Superstar is perfect for two, so the smaller one (Darling?) should be great for one. It can stuff full really well, but looks okay when it isn't. I get a lot of compliments on it, and it holds its value well (she discontinues the prints, so you can ebay them 75% plus the the value, usually) I have tried the Skip Hop Duo, and it is very functional, but the Lexi Barnes definitely wins out. It's great as a combo diaper bag/place for mom stuff that looks cool but not too cool (the idea of a leather diaper bag is beyond the style I can pull off.)

Car Seats: the graco infant seats are good, but beyond that, I'd only buy a Britax or the Fisher Price safe voyage seats that are made by Britax or the Sunshine Kids Radian.

Stroller: We have an Inglesina twin swift, and like it a lot. I will probably only go high end for strollers from now on. And, skip all bulky strollers/travel systems. If you use a sling, you'll barely if ever use it, definitely not worth the bulk in your car!

Slings: I really think everyone should have one quick one shouldered carrier (ring sling or pouch) and a good sturdy two shouldered carrier (a wrap like a Didymos or a Mei Tai). There are times for speed and there are times for good weight distribution for the long haul.

Cloth Diapers: I love having a varied stash of pockets, fitteds, prefolds and AIOs. My favorite covers by far are the MotherEase AirFlows. They work great over snappied prefolds and fitteds and they worked well for both of my girls. The Bummis Super Whisper Wraps just seem to wear out quicker.
Okay, so I can't go clean my kitchen just yet, I had to throw in a plug for the Britax Roundabout. It's smaller and a little bit less expensive than the other Britax seats, but is plenty big enough for a baby and a toddler (aidan and honor can both use this seat quite comfortably and he is almost three while she is 7 months).

Sometimes you can find them on sale in the really bright colors. I bought last year's model in a super bright red (apparently not super popular since it was on sale) and got it for $50 off. I also love the Evenflo Triumph 5. it costs half as much as most Britax and has passed just as many safety tests. aidan loves his. It is like an easy chair it is so comfy. However, it is LARGE and difficult to take on airplanes (should you need to travel). The Roundabout by Britax is 1.5 inches narrower and 3 lbs lighter (which is a lot when you have to lug it about with you through airports). The Britax is also much easier to clip into the car's LATCH system. it's just a better design. This is probably why it costs so much. They have just paid so much attention to detail. I used my Evenflo for 2 years and loved it, and would have been perfectly happy with it, but then I got a Britax on sale when I needed to get a second one and now that I know what to look for in a car seat, I have to admit that it is just designed SO WELL. It's amazing, really. they even have little velcro patches on the sides of the seat that the straps connect to so that it holds the straps out of the way while you put your kid into and out of the seat. It's a small thing that turns out to be very helpful.

Oh, and ditto to WG's "Baby Bargain's" suggestion. that is a great book!

okay, so I really am going to go and clean my kitchen now. ;-)
When I said "you'll barely ever use it" in regards to strollers, I meant the travel system features that make those so bulky.

I have heard great things about the OiOi bags, too.

Posted the link because if you are really itching to buy FFF07 as a coupon code will get you 20% off until tomorrow night.
by the way, Kellsey, I wasn't talking to YOU when I made the joke about bugaboo. I was speaking generally. I just read my post and it sounds like I'm addressing you. Which of course I'm not. I knew you were a mclaren girl. :)
My company is fairly new and the baby carriers are so popular we are struggling to keep up with orders and hire new staff to produce them all. So just wanted to share on here and let moms know what seems to be really hot right now!

Joy Nolette: Owner, Designer

Modern, stylish, sleek & hassle free. Hug Of Joy pouch baby carriers have no buckles, straps or ties. Remarkably comfortable - their unique stretch distributes baby's weight evenly. Worn in 9 positions from newborn until 30lbs.

Hug Of Joy pouch - sling baby carriers are very unique because of the revolutionary fabric they are made of. You will feel pampered, wrapped in this carrier’s elegant, silky stretch – it’s the stretch that makes these carriers so comfortable and safe for both you and baby. Hug Of Joy carriers are designed to be lightweight, sleek and modern.

Hypoallergenic: we understand how important it is to know your baby products are safe, and that baby’s delicate skin is protected. Hug Of Joy baby carriers are made of fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-allergenic, antibacterial, odor resistant, extremely cool, breathable, and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What gives this fabric the remarkable array of benefits ? This revolutionary fabric is a new environmentally friendly fabric that is made of crab and shrimp shells. It is the crab and shrimp shells that gives this fabric its’ natural benefits, including it’s naturally non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial properties. This fabric is the only fabric that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Hug Of Joy fabric has also received approval by authorities in Britain, China, Japan, and Switzerland.
Geez-I go to bed for a few hours and I wake up to lots of ideas!!! Apparently others have opinions about these things.

2 cents-it's really easy to feel like you NEED these things to take care of a baby when you really don't. I lived several years here in Silicon Valley under pressure to have the right products, when I finally realized that my kids were growing beautifully despite my Pink Kate Spade diaper bag.

I know, I know-Be quiet Lizard-its fun to talk about this stuff!!!

***The Skip-hop duo bag is very affordable and three of my closest friends have used them and loved them.
I definitely agree, Liz, buying gear to keep up with the joneses is dumb.

For me, most of our nicer baby stuff was bought to replace something cruddy along the way. And we don't have a lot of in house baby gear (a bouncy seat and a high chair, no exersaucer, etc.) I think you have to know your needs and get the most functional thing. I also look at resale value, in case it doesn't work as well as I think it does. We've gotten some great things gently used, which helps with that, too.
I hope I didn't kill the conversation. : )
L--u totally didn't. Just very busy today!! :)
I totally agree with Lizard that it's not necessary to buy things to keep up with the Joneses. And, I also agree with Kristen that you have to figure out your needs and then buy things (or register for other people to buy you things) that meet those needs. Sometimes that will be more expensive than others.

I also completely agree with Lizard that it is fun to talk about this, mainly because of what it represents in your future.

I love talking gear. It's fun. ;-) I will always tell you what I have loved and why, but don't worry, there is no pressure on my end for you to get what I liked. Your needs may be different, and so may your tastes.

Speaking of differences, i have never owned an inglesina stroller, but I think that they look like they would be very nice. I also think that peg perego has some nice options. I went with Maclaren mainly because of the height issue. I fell in love with it, though, and think very highly of it as a brand.

I haven't bought one myself, but have you ever heard of an ergo carrier? My sister-in-law has one and really likes it. Kristen, have you tried it? Any thoughts on it?
I am actually really Ergo right now because they have horrible business practices. They are attempting to patent a design that they know (and have previously admitted) is based on things that were already on the market, sending letters to other manufacturers talking about the currently non-existent, still pending patent, they are threatening their vendors who sell similar carriers, etc. And, they are made in China.

It's a good carrier, but please buy used if you do. I am not a big boycotter, but seriously, right when they are in tons of mags, have dethroned the bjorn in Baby Bargains, etc. they are getting really icky. :(

I really like the beco ( they are PRETTY or you can get solid choc brown or black and they are made in California.

You should go to the local sling group, they'll probably have several similar carriers to try out. And it's FUN.

Austin -

I meant anti-Ergo. Kids on lap = bad typing.
Kristen that is so interesting. I was at a homeschool conference a few weeks ago and Ergo had its own booth. I saw people walking all over with them. **You know us home schoolers-we make lots of babies!!**
Yeah, it's just really infuriating that a company with 90%+ of the market share for soft-structured carriers would spend so much energy and money bullying work at home moms with cottage industries making comparable products that did NOT rip off Ergo (some of them predate Ergo) and their own vendors. They have all sorts of rules for them such as they can NEVER ever have sales, but Ergo itself does, and offers combination discounts, but vendors aren't allowed to. They just treat EVERYONE like crap.

I did notice in recent pics that the Duggars have an Ergo, so you know, all homeschoolers ought to. ;o)
Ok, I'm late to the show! First of all, I always consult Kellsey when I'm ready for "the next thing" in baby gear. She is the Research Queen!

Car Seats: We went with the Graco Snugride and then a Britax Decathlon. Like Kells, I got my Britax on deep discount because it was a discontinued fabric. We have a cheaper seat for Bryan's truck, and it's not nearly as comfortable for JTC. How do I know? To Austin and back with zero naps. That's how I know. =0

Slings: I'm totally getting one next time. I played with a friend's Hotsling and loved it. Check Craig's List and ebay for used!

Books: Kells sent me "Baby Bargains" when she found out I was pregnant. Great book - even if you don't follow the advice given, at least you feel like you've got the information at your fingertips. Also by these people: Baby 411. LOVE IT and still reference it any time JTC has a health issue.

Strollers: We have both a "normal" stroller and a jogging stroller. I don't know that I feel strongly about either one of them. They work! We found that our normal stroller was hard to steer just on walks in our neighborhood and got a jogging stroller for all "outside" purposes. Maybe one of the nicer strollers mentioned would be more versatile.
thanks everyone, for you comments!!! It's so fun to mull over baby gear. Love, love.
oh my gosh... those baby legs things are TOO CUTE!!

i can't wait to see you and M as mommy and daddy. you'll have the cutest little bohemian baby.

Ok, now I want babylegs.
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