Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Update

I'm nearly 25 weeks pregnant this week. I had a checkup with my midwife today and everything looks good. I've gained a whopping 25 pounds to match my 25 weeks, but the midwife wasn't concerned, so I won't be either. =) I've been feeling fantastic this past month (lots of energy) and I've managed to shoot 4 weddings in 8 days and nearly get all the editing done. Things slow down from here on out. I should have a pretty low-key next few months. (Low-key until the baby is born, anyway.)

I'm off to Texas on Thursday. See some of you soon!

Enjoy those curves!!!
Girl, I gained 40 lbs the first time around and 42 lbs the second time around. The crazy thing is that the first time I was eating very very healthy and I gained and gained and then just stopped gaining a couple of weeks before the baby was born. The second time I was not quite as healthy and I kept gaining right up until the delivery. Ah, well...

The first time the weight just dropped right off and by 6 months I weighed less than when I had gotten pregnant. Things have not been so easy this time and I am holding onto that last ten pounds with a grip of steel. I have high hopes that one day they will drop, but in the meantime I am not cutting too many calories since I need them to nurse the bebe.

I agree with Lizard, "enjoy those curves!!!"
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