Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Side Sleepin'

I've always slept better on my back, but I'm told that sleeping on my back after 4 month cuts off blood flow for the baby. I'm having a hard time sleeping peacefully on my side, though. I have a pillow for my arms and a pillow between my legs, but it only helps a little. I wake up with a back ache every morning. I'm tempted to try a c-shaped pregnancy pillow, but my mother-in-law warned that it would take up too much space in the bed and it would make me hot this summer. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions...Last night I ended up on the couch propped up with pillows in a reclined position. Not a bad solution, but I'd rather be in my own bed.

W.G. you will adjust. I was always a back sleeper until I had babies. Now I am completely a side sleeper. You simply don't sleep great when you are pregnant, but I found that a pillow for my back and one for the front was helpful. I suggest using the pillow and plugging in a fan! Good Luck!!
Yeah, uh, seriously - good sleep is the opposite of pregnancy, from what I've experienced/heard. This suggestion really, really helped my sciatica or however you spell it -
My yoga teacher watched me do some exercises and made me add a double layer bolster for the side ones - pointing out that it was important to keep my hip and knee in line and to support my feet (so they weren't pulling on my knee/hip, either).

So I started sleeping with a double-decker body pillow (b.p. covered with 2 other pillows, knee to ankle) - and that made a really big difference for my hip pain.

Of course, I also kicked Scott out to the guest room for sleeping at that point because of space, so the MIL is right. But that helped my sleep, too!
pls add a "But" between the first 2 sentences...
I'm all about the snoogle and cranking the A/C. I use the snoogle with my two original pillows to boot. ANYTHING that helps you sleep is worth it! Just remind the husband that it's temporary!
I also used the snoodle and my two original pillows, but I found that for my second time around it was not as comfortable. Eventually I took to sleeping with a pillow behind me and one of the decorative accent pillows in front of me to support my belly...whatever works! I am usually a back or a stomach sleeper, so the side sleeping was hard for me, too. The one thing that kept me going was to know that it was temporary.

my little girl is waking, gotta run!
thanks, y'all. that really helps. i think i might go for the snoogle and my husband has already cranked the A/C.
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