Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lizard gets fit....

Well, I'm doing it. A friend of mine, KT has asked me to join her in training for a 5K and eventually bigger races. I decided to go for it. I bought some new shoes, looked up training schedules (called the couch potato-to-5K) and this morning we met at 6am and completed our first training session. It was great!! I stopped by and picked up my favorite coffee on the way home and I feel so energized, almost hyper. Weird.

If you knew me you would know how out of my comfort zone this is for me, but KT is the perfect person to do this with. She is very relaxed and non-assuming. We both have sciatica so we have said our team name should be Team Sciatica, but I'm not sure that really works.

So stayed tuned....

good for you! i have been doing the couch potato training also. i had not exercised since the late 80's. i thought i was going to die just jogging for 60 seconds. it was depressing. now, i can actually jog for 25 minutes. never thought it was possible. still have some bad days, but my marathon friends (gag) say it's normal. hang in there.

s (friend of sweetpea)
wow! good for you. let us know how that goes. i love get-in-shape goals. i had this whole spring/summer thing planned out until i found out i was i'm trying to learn to love walking and kegels.
yay!!! good for you.

i hate running with a true passion. walking for an hour is my thing. easier on the bust.
Fabulous! I used to HATE running. Then I discovered running in intervals and came to enjoy it (at least until I had my first child, then my "bust" got so large that the sports bras just weren't really helping anymore...then I got a better sports bra and enjoyed the interval jogging again...then I got pregnant again...and a few weeks ago I "ran" a 5k. I would run for 2 minutes and walk for 2 and a half minutes. that worked until I hit a long LONG hill. Then my walking lasted until the top of the hill when I started the running intervals over again. YEA for nifty watches that will beep at you when your interval is up.) Anyways, I haven't run since, but it was fun and felt GREAT! I would like to do it again...keep posting on this, maybe you'll inspire me to do more than think about getting out!)
Oh, and, WG, I laughed out loud at the kegels comment! You go girl. They're definitely helpful and worth the investment.


Less hyper this morning and more sore.
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