Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tribute to my Mother

My mother is a beautiful woman. She's a teacher in a small elementary school and I got an email from one of her colleagues recently telling me how much she loves and appreciates my mom. I hear that a lot. I didn't fully appreciate my mother when I was younger. In my teen and college years we fought frequently, but as I've gotten older I've really enjoyed getting to know her as a fellow woman and friend. I don't live near her, but we talk every saturday morning, sometimes for hours. She loves and encourages me and offers the kind of wisdom that a woman with four children and 36 years of marriage can offer. She always has a big hug ready for her friends and family and her mexican food is to die for. Her love and faith in God has really kept our family together. Today I am immensely thankful for my beautful mother.

Happy Mother's Day to you wonderful moms out there. I wish you peace, love and joy. Thank you for all you give to your children, spouses and families.

(This photo of my mother was taken by my father in September 1972.)

she IS beautiful. she looks like someone i know!
I LOVE this picture!!! SO beautiful and you can see your sweet face in hers. : )

For mother's day I received a Belgian waffle maker and Andrew is taking me to a movie tonight-Yay!!! Simple pleasures.
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