Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Tagged by Lindsay, 7 Things about me.....

1. I really can't express it strongly enough: I hate The Bachelor. I
could write an entire post about how and why.
2. Yesterday I bought some stick tacks that are green, blue, and brown. They are
also celadon, robin's egg, and cocoa.
3. I am using them to post important stuff on the wall behind our computer. Stuff
like all our online passwords. Stupid, huh?
4. I am an admirer of funky folk embroidery, and am trying to teach myself how to
do it.
5. I am getting back into Lost.
6. I am on Day 8 of a gluten-free, dairy free, caffiene-free (mostly), sugar-free
7. I feel great, but am running out of things to eat. Brown rice, anyone?

Thanks for doing it, SweatPea! I wasn't sure what stick tacks were until I read the next one - duh!

I'll eat brown rice with you - can it be the yummy kind from Pei Wei???
i'm so proud of you for sticking to the diet.

i couldn't do it. but maybe you can be my inspiration to try something similar.
I also HATE The Bachelor and I'm a total sucker for Lost.

I'm also proud of you for working on the strict diet. I know it's hard, but I also know it makes you feel much better. =)
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