Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dreaming of Caramel Babies...

Hello, friends of the sweetpea blog.
I, sweetpea, have some exciting news...

My husband and I are planning to
adopt from Ethiopia!

We are thrilled!!!!

Currently I'm researching agencies, which feels a little overwhelming. Hopefully, we will narrow it down in the next few weeks.

We'd appreciate your prayers. Of course, being the total blogger nerds we are, we have already started a blog to document our adoption journey. Stop by if you like. :)


This is truly good news. Thanks for sharing!
I'm SO EXCITED for you and Michael!!!! Have been praying for you already, but will continue...

Beautiful Ethiopian babies!!!!
Also, I LOVE your new blog. I think it's such a great idea. I'm excited to learn more about Ethiopia through your journey. I might have to pick up the Melissa Fay Greene book myself.
WG: You should pick it up if you get the chance. I'm reading it now. It's a good read: well-written and paints a vivid picture of Ethiopia and the situation there. Michael
That's wonderful, F family! I'll be praying for you. There is a couple in our church in that process right now, I believe they are adopting two children, they're really pumped.
Maybe this blog should be called "Sweetpeas are expecting..."
ha. that's so true, liz. ;)
That's really exciting! I've grown very attached to East African kids. Let me know if you journey out here anytime in the next year and want to stop in for a view of the great rift valley (and talk to lots of folks who've adopted kids out here, too).
oh, thanks, mary!!!!! :)
Wow! That's really wonderful news. I am so happy for you!
so excited! and praying! for you guys :)
Woo hoo! And yay!
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