Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break, '07

Having my husband at home during the day lifts my spirits.....I wake up and think, Spring Break! he's not leaving this morning! We can sleep and sleep! And read, and watch movies, and walk to Braum's for an ice cream cone.

Yay for normalcy. Sometimes the everyday can bring great peace and comfort.
Tonight we sat outside after dinner enjoying the night air, watching the boys run and admiring our newly potted flowers. Sweet moments.
Enjoy the ice cream....
yes, do enjoy the ice cream. And have some extra for me. I have been seriously missing my dairy these last 6 weeks. (we discovered that it causes blood in Honor's stool for me to have dairy). However, I highly recommend "Tofutti Cuties" (they are like ice cream sandwiches but aren't really ice cream...the mint chocolate chip ones are the best, but the cookies and cream ones aren't half bad either). (I feel like I may have mentioned the dairy thing before, so please forgive me if I am repeating myself here...I just can't remember).

Also, I am so jealous of your time with your hubby! Mine is several states away at the moment, but he gets home soon and I can't wait!

What movies have you guys watched and what ice cream flavors have you indulged in at Braum's?

for me, it's butter pecan all the way. i don't usually eat sugar much, so it's very exciting.

hmmm. we saw 'breach.' we saw a weird art film from nz that i can't remember the name of right now....we saw 'for your consideration'.....and tonite we're watching 'the chorus.'
The chorus is very good!!!!
i love those times when you think, "i wish i could freeze this moment and enjoy it forever!"
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