Monday, March 19, 2007

The Birds and the Bees, Jr edition

One thing I've experienced as a parent is that I am never as prepared for things as I think I ought to be. I imagine that thing will come up at the appropriate times and I will have the perfect responses. But most of the time your 6-yr old waits until you are madly driving him to school and yells from the backseat, "how do babies get inside of you??" In those moments you do the best you can and you use whatever is at hand to help.

A long time ago we explained to Sam that Mommy had 'seeds' in her body and that Daddy helped make them grow. For a 4-yr old it is all he needed to hear. But recently Sam was asking more questions about the whole baby thing and I asked him how he thought the baby got inside of me. He said, "You swallow a seed and Daddy waters it." (He was way off and so close in so many ways.) I looked at Andrew and asked him to please have a talk with Sam. I couldn't have Sam thinking women swallow seeds to have babies!

20 minutes later they emerged from the bedroom having had 'the talk' or nearly so ,as is appropriate for a 6-yr old. When Andrew realized he needed to illustrate some things he grabbed what was closest, a Far Side book. There in the front cover forever immortalized are the drawings of how a baby develops and is born.

Sam didn't say much afterwards he appeared to be quite satisfied with what he had been told. He did tell Ethan the next day that he had come from an egg. Ethan didn't seem impressed.

wow--tell Andrew his drawing are great! He obviously did a great job! Great Story. :)
wow. i'm still figuring out how babies get inside of us. i can't imagine explaining it to a 6-yr old in a way that would make sense. i love the drawings!

after reading "taking charge of your fertility" a couple of years ago i realized that i didn't know very much about my cycle at all. it's totally fascinating!!
Well its up to you to figure out the first part. : ) But feel free to use the images. Especially the one for how the baby comes out!
You get a Best Parenting Ever award for answering questions with age-appropriate clarity. The teacher in me, and the science teacher I love (hubby) salute you!
Thanks Sarah!! I can't take complete credit for the idea, but when I heard it, I loved it. It is perfect. Most kids have a loose idea of growing seeds, so it is an analogy that really works for them. I'm not sure what will happen when he asks, "So how exactly does Daddy water those seeds?" " well, son....."
But my girlfiend was forced in a conversation to explain everything to her 4 and 6 year old boys. When she was finished the older one said, "You mean they touch?" She said "yes." He replied, "ewwww:" )
i really like the way the stick legs of the birthing stick-mommy are bent!
i am giggling at THE FAR SIDE additions.... i think gary larson would have a fe laughs with this one :o)
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