Saturday, March 17, 2007

ok. i want to play, too.

WG's 10:

1. I think my feet are beautiful. I love my feet. I wear shoes that show off my feet.

2. I hate smelling like food. I'll change if I have to. I'm getting better at this.

3. I love having 3 brothers. I will probably not have 4 children of my own, but I love having 3 siblings. They are on my top ten list of things I'm thankful for. I love my brothers.

4. I genuinely feel like events in my life are less valid if I don't have photos to "prove" it to myself. I'm working on this because it exhausts me and I feel very free when I don't HAVE to be a photographer.

5. I love the way Stephen's skin smells.

6. I love to dance. I've secretly always wanted to be a dancer even though I have no real training. Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, name it.

7. If I could wake up tomorrow with a super power it would be to speak all languages.

8. Fav show that I never admit to anyone: America's Funniest Home Videos.

9. I love physical comedy. It makes me laugh when people fall. (If they're ok.)

10. If my family lived closer and if there were Tex-Mex food restaurants, I'd live in New England forever. I love Boston.

I'm glad your family and Tex mex keep pulling you back to your REAL roots. :)
Shake your booty!!!
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