Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Please pray for my friend Martha today. Martha is a delightful new friend from church, 25 years old, and a magazine writer. She has MS and has lately been through a lot because of it--hospital stays, lots of nasty steroids. Today she's in the hospital getting a port put in, and tomorrow she starts 6 months of chemo.....(yes, the fact that chemo is used to treat MS was news to me, too.) Martha is a young woman who trusts Jesus with her situation. Please pray that God would continue to fill her with faith and peace, and that He would heal her body.

so small world again: my mom met her at a wedding this past weekend (or two weekends ago) in Ft. Worth. She spent some time talking with her, too, because my mom has gone through Chemo and Martha was wanting to talk with someone who understood. CRAZY how life brings small circles of people together.
I am praying.
you're too sweet! i'm so excited to have you in my life now, and i'm so humbled that you posted this for me. i really can't wait to spend more time with you and michael and the other girls.

and kellsey, oh my gosh!! you're sue's daughter??? i seriously can't believe this! what a small world! wow... the Lord is truly amazing. do you live around here? if so, i'd love to get together with you and jana sometime... i absolutely love our mom, and i'd love to get to know you, as well.

anyway, long comment... sorry 'bout that.

thanks again, and i'll see you soon!
nuts! crazy that you met kellsey's mom, martha!!!!! i've been thinking of you....
hey! yes, i'm sue's daughter, and i love her too ;-)

i actually don't live near you guys anymore, but i did when i was in high school. I went to college and grad school in North Carolina, and now i'm in austin with my hubby, my little boy, and newborn baby girl. It's too bad i'm not around there as i would love to hang out! I deeply love the z-family, and if you are a friend of nicky's, i'm sure we would have fun together.
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