Saturday, March 17, 2007

10 things about Lizard

1. Speaking of toes, my big toe looks like a thumb. So, in case I ever lose my thumb...I got extras.

2.Pet peeve-When you order Dr. Pepper and they give you Root Beer. It is NOT the same thing.

3.My favorite time of the day is when I look in on the boys before I go to bed. I love to see them sleeping peacefully, astonished at how much they have grown.

4.Favorite guilty pleasure show: American Idol

5.Favorite Guilty Pleasure shows that I don't even admit to my husband: 'Dog, the Bounty Hunter' and 'Most Haunted' on the Travel Channel

6.I love, love, love iced coffee chocolate drinks and I sadly am not supposed to eat sugar anymore.

7.I live in San Jose, Ca and its beauty is good for my soul.

8.I am presently in training to be a Deacon (non-ordained) in my church. Some consider this controversial, and I vascillate between intimidation and excitement to love and serve my church body in a more formal position. "Oh Lord, let your will be done."

9. In another life I would be a massage therapist, a hair-stylist or a counselor.

10.I am not organized and I am o.k. with that...for now.

Dog the Bounty Hunter. That's really funny!! :) We don't have cable, but I've watched that show at my parents more than once.
I recorded and watched the 2 hour wedding special! I find this guy fascinating. He seriously thinks he looks 'cool' and he says he is a born again Christian! I think the show is actually about redemption. Dog always says that he wants his arrests to be the fugitive's lowest point so that they can change their lives!

And I find her boobs amazing!! (I covet all breasts larger than a 34B)
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