Saturday, January 20, 2007

How you know your 6 year-old son has spent too much time with your 22-year old brother.

Last Saturday Sam decided that he wanted his training wheels off. We realized Sam's seat was too high so Andrew knelt down to adjust it with Sam and I watching on. All of a sudden Sam says, "Daddy, do you think we could pimp my bike out?"

We both sat very still trying not to react. (I tried to contain my giggles.) Finally I said "Sure Sam. We could get some things for your bike."

The moment passed and Sam's bike is now 'pimped out' with a bright orange flag. (Pimp and safe.)

I am beginning to wonder if 'Pimp' is not as widely used as I thought. Just in case you think I allow my son to use profanity and that I think it is funny, here is a definition.

Pimp- to trick out, to add flash, to turn old into new, to make cool.
I don't hear it that often--but I know how it's used and I thought it was very funny--I've just been really busy this weekend and haven't commented yet. :)

I love these stories--keep em coming!
I love this story. Sweet Sam. I don't know how you kept a straight face.

"Pimp my ride" and "Trick my truck" are two really funny shows. They take a totally run down car and transform it to "pimpin'" status.

One guy had this run down ice cream truck and it was his whole living--selling ice cream. So, they took his van and made it totally awesome--bright graphics, cool music playing and a great selectioin of ice cream. He almost started crying when he saw it finished. It was a fun episode.
I realized last night as I waws listening to Andrew and the word "pimp' came out of his mouth, that it could have come from him!
I'm still laughing at this story...
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