Friday, January 12, 2007

At the school where my husband now teaches, and where I used to teach, Beatrix Potter is a well-loved part of the elementary curriculum. While teaching there I grew to appreciate her stories more than I did before--I think many of us did. Heck, one of our former teachers even named her daughter cute is that? Beatrix Potter, Charlotte Mason, England, Lake District, nature study,etc...I associate all these things with my old school. So, I am VERY excited about the movie! I can't wait to see it--it opens tonight in our city....

It looks like a sweet movie. Give us a review after you see it!
Has anyone seen or interested in seeing Pan's Labrinyth?? (sp??)
honestly, i hadn't heard of it. but i just watched the trailer and it looks great! HAS anyone seen it?
Pan's Labrinyth has gotten good reviews. My little bro and I wanted to see it last weekend, but it opens tonight in Boston...
I had not yet heard about this movie..thanks for telling us about it, and yes, do please offer a review!
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