Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1 Lost Tooth and 2 Little Stories

Well, it happened. My baby lost his first tooth. After dinner I heard my brother prepping Sam in the kitchen telling him that he was about to pull it out. I waited for Alex to call me in and there on the table was a little tooth. Sam looked at me as his mouth was filling with blood and his little face crumpled into tears. It took awhile for us to talk him into the idea that he was a very big boy now and that rewards awaited him such as ice cream and a visit from the tooth fairy. He soon calmed down enough to take this picture. The rest of the evening he kept telling me that he could feel wind going through mouth. So cute.

1. We had lunch with a man Andrew used to work with named Fr. George. (He is a Priest) At one point during the meal Sam leaned over and told me he wanted to speak to 'George Lucas'.

2.There is an X-rated video/book store near our house. The windows are covered with large images of women. On the way home from the store the other night Ethan said, "Mommy, have you ever been to that beautiful store?" I replied, "No, Ethan I haven't."
I then became curious about what he thought the store contained. So I asked "What do you think is in that store, Ethan?"
Ethan replied, "Golden stuff."

So cute!!!!! I love it!!!
Ha! That makes me laugh (the "golden stuff"!)
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