Monday, December 11, 2006

Street Bazaar update.

Bottom line---I had a blast! It was freeeeezing on Saturday (I couldn't actually feel my feet until I put charcoal footwarmers in my boots) and chilly and rainy on Sunday, but I sold quite a few prints and M. and I enjoyed ourselves depite the cold. We packed up and left on Sunday due to rain...but I sold as many prints in one day as I hoped to sell in two days. I was very encouraged. Thanks to all our friends who stopped by for moral support.

I have more fun pictures that I'll post later--computer is having trouble posting images right now.

Sweetpea-I MUST HAVE THE LARGE PRINT ON THE SIGN!!! (the one under your block print sign) I have to have it for Mei's room-it is perfect!!!!!

Please tell me you have more. Let me know how much and I will send you a check.
That's such great news! I'm so glad it was a success!
Woo-hoo for Sweetpea!!!

I am so excited for you. Too bad it was such yucky weather, but so great that you sold so well!
Congratulations!!! So exciting!!
very funky.
love it.
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