Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Speaking of my alma mater.....

This morning I'm sitting at my computer with the local morning news in the background. "Coming up next! Kim Schlegel will be with us to discuss her new book, Dog Parties!!"

No, this isn't a novel with an ironic name, it's actually a lifestyle book about giving parties for dogs. :)

Kim, Kellsey, Lindsay, Katy and I were all in the same graduating class. You can check out Kim's lifestyle website here. Funny how people who graduated together end up with *ahem* very different lives. :)

I hope Kim is doing well. I'm thinking of emailing her about helping me throw a Christmas bash for Giz and Teense. I can just see it--me in my Target jeans, Kim in Prada, chatting amicably just as the ceiling crashes down in the middle of our dog soiree.

Wow...I really can't imagine throwing a dog party, but I have some friends who would really enjoy it. Of course, i can't even imagine owning a dog at all, so I'm not one to talk...not much of a pet person (which works just fine since macon is allergic to most anything that's fluffy and has four legs).

It is crazy how different lives can be from a group of people who all graduated together from a very tiny high school. I think, though, that we are all having fun living our very different lifestyles (or at least Katy, Kim, Lindsay, Sweetpea and I...I'm not so sure about everybody who graduated with us...from the pics at the 10 year reunion, it looked like life had done a number on at least a few people...they looked so tired.)
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Yup. I see the pet-party types on a regular basis here in Boston. Thankfully for me they want pet portraits as well...
I'm crazy about my dog, but he's not getting a party any time soon. Can you imagine the $$ people are spending on these parties? I bought Kim's first book for my aunt and sister for Christmas a couple of years ago, though.

I didn't realize quite how different her life was back at TCA. At least we know she was a very nice girl! I'm glad she's finding success!
THAT IS NUTS! I had heard about it because Marissa attended a party for dogs once. She said she felt very out of place :-)

Kim is a sweetheart and I'm happy for her success!

I'm going to write a book. I'm not sure what it's about but I bet it will be great! ;-)
I'll buy it, Katy!
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