Monday, November 27, 2006

One BIG post...

The Barnas had one BIG holiday week with my Dad and little sister visiting. On Monday we had a Thanksgiving Celebration with Sam's Homeschool tutorial group. (Imagine 80 kids dressed as Pilgrims and Indians chasing each other with sticks.) I asked Sam what his favorite thing of the day was and he said "fighting".

It was also a big week for Sam because he turned 6 on Thanksgiving Day!! His party was the day before and it was, of course, a Star Wars party. (Imagine 8 boys chasing each other with light sabers.) I'm not quite ready for him to be 6. He has 4 loose teeth and he is changing before my eyes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!! looks like a big time! :)
Wow! so much change, so fast.

It seems like as soon as you finally get one thing figured out, your kids grow out of it and onto the next stage (a whole new mystery to unravel!)

Thanks for the pictures! very fun.
OH! So cute!!!!!! All of them.

Sweet Sam. Feliz CumpleaƱos.
WG- I have nearly decided to cut my hair shorter, partly because I love yours!
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