Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How 'bout a little TEXAS highschool football?

I must say, M. and I had an unusually fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. One of the fun things we did---attend a playoff football game. (Texas highschool football-very serious business.) My (big) little brother is a defensive line coach at our alma mater--also Kellsey's and Lindsay's!! Anyway, our dear old school won the game and is going to state! My brother (the extremely tall youngish one) is pictured on the field with my parents (my dad being the older tall one and my mom being the little brown one.) My brother was ecstatic after the game and paced the field talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone. Pretty cute.

Mine, too! Go TCA!!!
shoot! i KNEW i was forgetting someone!
Woo-hoo!!! Way to kick some serious bootie!

Go Trojans!

Sweetpea, your little grew up to be quite big. He looks like a cuter!
How fun!!! My littlest brother is the varsity volleyball girls' manager at his high school and they went to state this year. He was SO excited. It's super cute.
Did they win???
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