Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Comfy & Cute

I just got some new Merrell shoes (Merrell "Plaza Bandeau") and I highly recommend them. (I have Merrell boots and shoes and I love those, too.) I walked all over Boston in 'em and they passed the test. Super comfy and super cute.

Very cute WG. They look like you. 'comfy and cute' : )
Quite yummy!

I have put at least a few pairs of shoes on my christmas list this year. I am still trying to rebuild my shoe collection after having to throw all of them away due to a fungus I picked up in Israel. Apparently, most humans do not get this particular fungus and my left big toe was just super lucky!!! Yikes! What a nightmare that was....but seriously, the worst part was throwing away every shoe and sock I had. SO SAD.
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