Friday, October 27, 2006

Shopping Idea.

I'm hoping to buy some Christmas presents at Ten Thousand Villages. This online store is run by Mennonites and offers gifty items made around the world. Most importantly, TTV is a fair-trade company (like WG mentioned in the last post.) Fair Trade means that the craftspeople are being paid properly and fairly, instead of being ripped off for their work (a la Walmart and many other stores.) Anyway, it's a fun site to visit!

I love this store! We had a physical site in Charlotte that was nearby, but now we have one just a few streets over on South Congress here in Austin. They are SO GREAT!!! I almost always get something for somebody there come Christmas time.

The angel for the top of our tree came from there, and it was originally made by some women in Bangladesh.

I highly highly recommend checking them out for any of you who may not have yet discovered them.
We have a TTV store near us in Cambridge, MA and I love it! It's a great place for gift ideas. I got a necklace from there for my birthday and it's beautiful.

It's worth the money knowing that the people who made the products are being paid fairly.
Big D has had a semi-permanent Christmastime store before, and WG, if you remember the hunger farm in W, Tx, used to have a TTV gift shop--it still may.
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