Thursday, October 26, 2006


There's a new movie playing in select theaters called Black Gold. It's a documentary about the unfair trade of the coffee industry. It won "Official Selection" of the 2006 Sundance film festival. Check it out:

Also, in reuters headlines today: Oxfam says Starbucks blocks Ethiopian coffee farmers Read more here.

I'm guilty of not thinking about where my coffee comes from, but I'm hoping to educate myself and make informed decisions about where I spend my money...

we have a local coffee roaster here in town - he buys from small family owned and fair trade growers... most of his stuff is organic to boot! you can order online - and he ships quickly! it's nice to see him at the post office with his bike carrier loaded with coffee to ship - the whole place smells like a coffee house! i can vouche for the coffee as well! we brew it at work and it is ALL we drink at home and in town!!! GOOD STRONG COFFEE...
oooh, thanks, mtmmama!
*L* As soon as I saw your post I thought, "Hey, I should tell her about Old Bisbee Roasters!" But B already beat me to it. . .

If you register at the site, you'll get a $5 off coupon. Since seeing my sis (and Dad buying me OBR coffee) I haven't bought anything else. I'm in Florida, and it's usually to me two days after I order. I really like the coffees that are "wild,"--I don't see any up on his current list of in season coffees. But everything I've tried has been yummy.

(Oh, and you can order a sampler, which comes is 1/2 lb bags--I've done that and given some as gifts along with a candle or coffee mug. Great gift, and affordable.)
oh, yay! i'll have to try old bisbee roasters!
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