Thursday, September 21, 2006

Six degrees of separation from...U2!

Stephen is in a class this semester (at M.I.T.) in which the project is to design a house for U2's guitarist David Evans (aka: Edge or "the Edge"). He's leaving next week for Malibu, California to do research and check out the property. It's an actual project that his professor is working on.

Cool, huh? One of Stephen's dreams is to work with Bono on a project someday...

hey i'd call that just a couple of degrees.....that is super cool.
Very Cool...I hope we can all still be friends....:)
yeah, i hope you'll still hang out with schoolteachers.
yeah, only a couple of degrees, but six degrees sounds cooler.

i'm hoping that if stephen gets to meet the Edge he'll slip him one of my business cards...

we can definitely still be friends, but you'll have to call me "the rox."
ok-I hope you will be available to photograph babies from China!!
Rox: You could take the place of U2's longtime photographer Anton Corbijn!
fundy you are such a nerd for knowing that.....
i love Anton Corbijn!!
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