Friday, September 01, 2006

quick blog.

hey, friends, we have a couple of promising possibilities of places to move. They are actually even a bit closer to work for M. and they are affordable. Would you pray for us that one of the units would be open? I'm still waiting to hear back.....I've told our landlord that we'll be moving out.....when, I'm not sure. It all depends on what is available. Obviously, we don't want to jump into anything we're not sure of.

We have been so blessed by family and friends this week....I think 5 different families from church offered us a place to stay.....we are humbled by the kindness we have received! Thank you very much!!

I also feel a need to apologize for the bitter tone of my last post. Actually I already deleted the most bitter part...... My friend Kate graciously says that I am "justice-oriented." I think that's a nice way of saying that I hit the ceiling (pun, heh-heh) when I feel like I've been wronged. Asking God to help me with that.

Dude, if my ceiling fell in, (nearly on my pups)!!, I'd want to orient the perpetrator to justice, too. !
I would be interesed in what your attorney said, and what your insurance agent said as well.
But its easy to say, from afar. let's you and him fight. As one local pastor is fond of saying, quoting CS Lewis, "Are we surprised when pagans act like pagans"?
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